Something old while I get to shoot new things. Worth highlighting that this is one of my favourite faces.
Diego Chavarro
Diego Chávarro 
Grandma turned 79.
Diego Chávarro
A portrait of me


Diego Chávarro

A close up of one of the latest pictures.
It’s the first nude that makes part of my work. The shoot was inspired by an idea the model had about flowers that grew where the tear fell, I worked it a bit and this is what we made. 
Body is soil; the tears dropped have grown new hopes.
Black and white portraits; forever my favourites.
Diego Chávarro 

Body is soil

"The tears dropped have grown new hopes"

Happy to show you the new set of images for Acumuladores II.  It was the first time I shot a nude.

Diego Chávarro 2014


Natural light portraits

Diego Chávarro 

looking through old files
Diego Chavarro

Roots - SYOU Campaign

Men and women are like blank canvases where life paints new horizons and ideals, canvases painted with sadness and joy; motivated by their ambitions and desires.

Each canvas is different, but all of them have something in common: its roots, roots that tie them down to earth.

SYOU´s campaign is based on the analogy of roots. It is composed of five Colombians with different colored skins and backgrounds. They have been painted white like the blank canvases that represent their lives, but their legs have been left untouched. Just like trees are rooted at their base, their legs symbolize their same roots.


Ethel & Bertha

My grand mothers

Diego Chávarro


Photographer: Diego ChávarroModel: Paula Pietrini

Dark Beauty Magazine featured my picture!