We have had so many women working at our house since I was born, and I still remember them all. They become part of the family as they live with us. 
Sandra has been working at my house for almost 3 years now. She does everything for us (my family), I mean EVERYTHING. Everyone thinks she is  mad all the time, cause she barely smiles. But we’ve had a lot of laughs, and I always prank her and scare her. So I know the good human and how happy she really is. 
Yesterday I decided I was taking pictures of her. I had never taken any pictures of one before, and we barely have some pictures of them. So I told her what to wear and how to do her hair…and as I was shooting her with a hair blower, I was making jokes to make her laugh…. “but look at the camera” I’d say. 
This one is my favourite, I think I can see her soul in it. 

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Diego Chávarro
One more from "The flower vendor"
Diego Chávarro 2104
The flower vendorprobably my favourite from the shoot
Diego Chávarro 2014
The flower vendor
She sells love, I just wonder if she has ever had her own one…
Will be posting some more from this shoot soon. It was the first time I took pictures when the sun had already hidden…
Diego Chávarro 2014
going through old files
Diego Chávarro
the light was awesome last sunday
Diego Chávarro
love may be toxic
doing stuff with old pictures
Even if the sky is bleeding, I’m still standing

Diego Chávarro


photos from a shoot I had last sunday

Diego Chávarro

Fallen - outtake
Diego Chávarro
red experiment
Diego Chavarro


shot pictures for a clothing shop the other day, these are two of my favourites.

Guilty II the consequences of a bad act
Diego Chávarro 2014

Details of my latest work “Guilty”

Diego Chávarro