Roots - SYOU Campaign

Men and women are like blank canvases where life paints new horizons and ideals, canvases painted with sadness and joy; motivated by their ambitions and desires.

Each canvas is different, but all of them have something in common: its roots, roots that tie them down to earth.

SYOU´s campaign is based on the analogy of roots. It is composed of five Colombians with different colored skins and backgrounds. They have been painted white like the blank canvases that represent their lives, but their legs have been left untouched. Just like trees are rooted at their base, their legs symbolize their same roots.


Ethel & Bertha

My grand mothers

Diego Chávarro


Photographer: Diego ChávarroModel: Paula Pietrini

Dark Beauty Magazine featured my picture!

Ciudad amurallada - Cartagena, Colombia

Do yourself a favor and walk around this city. Seriously.

Diego Chávarro 

Diego Chavarro

Diego is the owner of an antique store in Bogotá. I met him while looking for frames for the latest shoot and I thought his face was interesting. So few days later I wen’t back and took these portraits of him at his store.

Diego Chávarro

when shit gets real 
main photo from my latest shoot for Acumuladores series
Diego Chávarro 2014


-the ego that won’t let live.

Acumuladores (hoarders) is back! This set of images marks the beginning of the second part of the series which will aim to tell special stories that can be related to the society we are facing right now.

Diego Chávarro 2014

This is a small preview of my latest shoot. It took place under the most amazing tree I have seen and starred one of my favourite faces.


Diego Chávarro

Diego Chávarro 

Some pretty european faces

can’t get over Europe and it’s awesome buildings yet

Diego Chávarro

That VOGUE watermark makes the pictures look so fancy

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NEVER is a word that shouldn’t exist
When a city becomes a painting
Toledo, Spain
Diego Chávarro